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Our Church History

God's Missionary Baptist church's foundation began in  1978 in 
Bishop Thomas Marion Rollerson's basement. We started with 7 -church members.

After 6-months and the grace of God, we moved to our first church, on 2320 N. 28th Avenue. With a growing congregation, we were still in need of a large facility.


Thanks to God 6- years later, we moved into our second church home at 51st and Lake Street. Bishop Rollerson received a vision from God in the early 1990s to build a church that would accommodate hundreds of people and offer a soup kitchen and housing for the homeless.

We sold our church at 51st and Lake street and began worshipping in Omaha Public Schools while finalizing our building project. Bishop Rollerson passed away on Jan. 27, 1996, before we could complete our project.

We moved to 5036 Terrace Drive near 99th and Fort Street as a temporary church home in 1996. The late Pastor E.C. Oliver pastored until 1997. Pastor Robert Humphrey became our pastor. He served our congregation until September 2002. Pastor Humphrey moved back to California. 
The previous pastor of Prince of Peace Baptist Church, Pastor Smart, Smart ordained Kojo Allen and Michael Patterson as ministers.

 Pastor Allen became the leader of God's Missionary Baptist Church. Under Minister Allen, God has renewed the vision that Bishop Rollerson had. God's Missionary Baptist Church's vision is to reach the socially deprived, struggling young women and children. We want to empower them to experience life to the fullest.

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